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Our highly professional security products & solutions cover Governents, Corporate, and High-Profile Individuals

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Doluq: Deter, Detect, Defend

We offer a full spectrum of security services, ranging from static guards and dog patrols through to electronic security, access control and surveillance equipment.Whether you're a Government, Corporate or Individual; We have the solutions to meet all your security needs.

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  • Manned Protection
  • Electronic Security
  • Investigations
  • Close-In Protection
  • Fire Alarms & Equipment
  • Training & Consulting

Protecting Your Premises, Your Employees and Yourself At every level, security should be of paramount importance to your organisation.

Whether you are facing the threat of personal attack, trespassing on your business address or theft of your high value loads in transit, Doluq Security Solutions has the expertise to keep your company safe.

Doluq can provide:

  • Automatic intruder alarm systems for commercial and residential applications
  • Cluster alarms for townhouse and flat complexes
  • Fixed and remote panic button systems
  • Anti-hijack and integrated vehicle security systems
  • Access control and CCTV surveillance systems
  • Active asset tagging
  • Automated building management systems
  • Covert surveillance equipment
  • Retail security systems

However reliable your security systems and policies may be, the trust that you give to those within your organisation can on some occasions be abused.

Doluq provides confidential investigation services to determine the legitimacy of allegations of corruption, fraud or theft. We can also conduct checks on your organisation to determine potential employee misconduct before it occurs.

We provide specialised top-end security officers and secured vehicles for 24hr protection to prominent individuals -from celebrities to diplomats - tailored to their schedules.

Doluq can provide:

  • Fire surveys and consultancy
  • Fire detection and alarm equipment with remote signalling to the control room for response alert
  • Fire suppression equipment including, gas fire suppression for computer rooms and switchgear
  • Sprinkler systems for new installations and retrofits
  • Fire escapes, fire doors, and hand held appliances
  • Breathing apparatus, fire fighter apparel and accessories
Doluq provides a wide range of world-class bespoke courses which will dramatically enhance the performance of your personnel in relation to a range of diverse issues. Risk Consultancy incorporates proven tactics with technical security expertise to help protect large enterprises.