Our Clients

We are committed to continuously expanding and upgrading our facilities to provide first class security for our clients.


In the telecommunications sector, the location of Cellular Towers in remote and insecure areas coupled with the high reliance on large volumes of generator fuel and deep cycle batteries makes the securing of such high-risk infrastructure a challenge. We help protect these critical national assets that attract significant levels of theft and vandalism.


Financial institutions and insurance bodies generally operate under high risk factor. We provide a range innovative solutions that help mitigate these risks by providing protection for operations and assets. The outcome is reduced costs and increased efficiency of the organisations we work with.

Entertainment & Hospitality

The entertainment and hospitality industry is a key economic driver. We recognise the significance of safety and security to the industry, particularly in these times of heightened risks. Our scale of operations aims to provide businesses and operators with innovative solutions, helping them to continually match the expectations of their valued customers.


Doluq has a range of bespoke solutions that cater to the manufacturing/industrial sector. We help organisations overcome a myriad of challenges in order to supply their products and services to the millions across different regions who rely on them for almost every aspect of their lives.

Ports & Air Ports

We recognise the need for advanced technical solutions for ports and airports particularly with the rise of terror threats and international piracy, as well as to meet the varied standards of international codes and regulations.


Home safety and security is paramount. We have therefore developed a range of solutions that provide for secure and comfortable residential living for all our clients. Our services cover SAFETY AND SECURITY SOLUTIONS, REMOTE AND HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEMS, EMERGENCY RESCUE


The importance of excellent and professional safety and security in locations where people frequently converge is paramount. We have created solutions catering specifically to the retail sector. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all those visiting the merchandising outlets that we serve.

Transport & Logistics

We provide support to the high-risk transport and logistics industry. Doluq aims to ensure that high value goods and people arrive at their destinations safely and without incident. We offer supply chain integrity and loss control and provide 24/7 logistical and security support.

Oil & Gas

With reserves of both oil and gas present in Africa and the predicted growth of this industry, Doluq has explored options to answer the very diverse needs of this sector. We have put together a range of products and services that enable industry players to enter the market with confidence and enjoy sustainable outcomes.

Education & Learning

Educational centres require a range of specialised services that ease various daily functions and provide a safe environment for all. Doluq has developed a range of solutions that expertly tackle the challenges and cater to the needs of such institutions.

Diplomatic & NGO

Diplomatic units and NGO’s often face different complexities; from their presence in high risk areas to visiting emissaries and high ranking officials, we recognise that there is a need for security options that are tailored to these intricate demands.We offer bespoke diplomatic and NGO security options.


Recognising that agriculture directly affects millions of people, Doluq has instituted bespoke products and services that provide for the smooth operation of various facets of the industry.